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13 April 2018 Justin Wilkerson Comments Off on APRIL 2018 NEWSLETTER Newsletter

Inline New Feature

Dynamic Scripting

We are excited to present our dynamic scripting feature in Inline CRM! Data shows that using dynamic scripts can increase sales by at least 30% and reduce new sales person training by 70%. Our new feature allows you to build an unlimited number of scripts for your team. The easy script builder allows anyone to build and maintain the scripts. Email or call us today to discuss setting up scripts in Inline CRM.

Dynamic Scripting Features

  • Build an Unlimited Number of Scripts
  • Flexible Script Options
  • Assign Scripts to User Groups by Role
  • Build Scripting to Fit Your Work Queues
  • Easy Walk Through Program to Build the Script
  • User Friendly Screen Presentation

Email us at to get your SCRIPTING set up

Inline CRM Enhancements

We are always striving to ensure Inline CRM is the best system in the industry so we have been working hard this year to enhance our platform! The enhancements to our platform are complete and you will notice improvement in the areas below:

  • Lightning Fast Search
  • Faster than Instant Rates
  • Super Fast Page Loads
  • Fastest Report and Aggregate Number Population in the Industry

Did you know?

We are always working to make Inline CRM as advanced and cutting edge as possible for your business. Our system developers are required to complete 12 hours of training every month to stay current with ever changing technologies and development process. We want the best for you so we invest the time to make the system the best in the industry!

Dynamic Scripts

Check out some snapshots of our dynamic script tools released this month!


In the Works

We are working hard to improve Inline CRM for you and your business! Keep your eyes out for the below improvements coming soon:

  • Improved marketing campaign management and reporting to help you better understand the true value of your customers


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