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Support team member trains sales team users how to use inline crm.
August 2018 Newsletter Inline CRM

6 August 2018 Justin Wilkerson Comments Off on August 2018 Newsletter Newsletter

Inline Feature Highlight

Multi-Product Sales

Did you know Inline CRM allows you to sell a few different types of extended warranties with the ease of a system that was built for that function? If you’re thinking of adding Home Warranty, RV, and Motorcycle sales to your product base, it will be a simple drop-down box on any of your existing customers or new leads you create. Add as many products as you can sell to a customer.

multi product sales drop down


multi product sales dashboard

Inline CRM Enhancements

We’ve added tons of new widgets! If you’d like to add widgets to a user, go to Set-Up > Manage Users > User Widgets. We’ve added some new helpful links to assist your sales teams – Zillow, Google Map Home, & Car Complaints are now available.

New Widgets Available!

user extensions widgets

total sales by manager leaderboard widget

total sales leaderboard widget

In the Works

We are working on making it easier to get the support you need from our team. Soon you will be able to email our support team directly from your Inline CRM!

email support from within the CRM


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