Benefits To Our VSC Fulfillment Reporting

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Benefits To Our VSC Fulfillment Reporting Inline CRM

24 August 2017 Justin Wilkerson Comments Off on Benefits To Our VSC Fulfillment Reporting Reporting, Visual Reporting

Custom reports that fit the specific needs of you and your business

Imagine if your fulfillment software created amazing reports for you so you don’t have to spend hours in excel making pivot tables and graphs. Picture insights that your current VSC sales fulfillment software cannot show you, and then picture yourself achieving success from those new insights. With visual reporting from Inline CRM for VSC sales fulfillment, you get the best visual reporting in the industry in terms of flexibility and accuracy.

One benefit with our reporting capability is that you will get the option to create reports that are customizable to the needs of you and your business. The customizable reports are based on the role of each employee that you have working for your business. For example, the owner would be able to see financial reporting and projected sales. On the other hand, managers would be able to see sales reports for their teams, where they can visualize metrics such as closing ratios, sales performance by individual, and profit brought in by each sales representative.

With drill down reporting, you can pull graphs, aggregate numbers, and dynamic links within excel that go back to our system. Since our system is a browser-based system, you can spend less time worrying about copying and pasting values into excel, and more time concentrating on obtaining quick insights to improve your sales.

Inline CRM makes it possible for each team member to see the key metrics tied to his or her position. For example, in Inline’s reporting, owners can look at company profit, managers can look at team profit, and sales representatives can look at individual profit. Ultimately, Inline Data System’s key point of differentiation from the competition is the fact that you can opt to drill down into each component, while at the same time still maintaining the big picture of your sales performance.


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