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Reporting capabilities of Inline CRM

How to Make Money From Your CRM Reports

23 November 2021 Melissa Chambers Comments Off on How to Make Money From Your CRM Reports Payroll, Reporting, Visual Reporting

Running the right report can mean more money for your business—lots of it. But making that report (and interpreting it) can also take time away from your business—though it doesn’t have to. Which reports can help you sell more extended warranties? How can you save hours creating them? Read on and find out!   The […]

Close up of inline crm mail merge integration users.


30 March 2018 Justin Wilkerson Comments Off on INLINE CRM PAYROLL COMMISSIONS Payroll

PAYROLL COMMISSIONS MADE EASY Inline CRM for VSC sales and extended warranty sales fulfillment has the payroll calculator for you. See for yourself! Inline CRM’s payroll tools allow for more flexibility for your call center. Generate commissions in just a few clicks with the ability to see the real time effect of price drops and […]