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How An Extended Warranty Sales CRM Can Boost Your Sales Long Term

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20 October 2020 Justin Wilkerson Comments Off on How An Extended Warranty Sales CRM Can Boost Your Sales Long Term CRM

Get More From Your Extended Warranty Contracts

Is it a struggle to have to fit your home, RV, and motorcycle sales into a CRM only made for car warranty sales? Inline CRM has the all-in software you need to sell all your extended warranty fulfillment contracts as well as vehicle service contracts. Not only that but having extended warranty options available can greatly increase your long-term sales! 

Providing extended warranties to your customers is a great way to boost your long term sales. Presenting these kinds of protection plans as an initial part of your process will benefit you in the long term because your customers will see all of their options from the beginning. Ultimately, your customers will be more prone to purchasing more warranties from your company because of this foresight. 

An extended warranty offers new vehicle buyers protection from costly repairs at the beginning of the purchasing period. This helps the consumer maintain their vehicle for a longer time to keep the vehicle running smoothly. Offering your customers extended warranties as well as vehicle service contracts boosts your credibility as a provider. In the long term, your customer getting an extended warranty on a vehicle costs less than having to deal with expensive maintenance fees. This additional peace of mind that is brought to new vehicle owners will make selling the individual warranties a breeze. 

Inline CRM allows you to sell a few different types of extended warranties with the ease of a system that was built for the specific function of selling multiple types of extended warranties. If you’re thinking of adding Home Warranty, RV, and Motorcycle extended warranty sales to your product base, it can be added into your existing Inline software as a drop-down menu on any of your existing customers or new leads you create. Our extended warranty feature allows you to add as many products as you want to sell to a customer. 

Our software has the widgets and tools that you need to accomplish your goals while selling these types of contracts to your customers. We streamline the process so you can avoid workarounds that exist in other CRM software. 

When finding the right CRM software, you want to make sure it will be a good move for you and your business. Inline provides everything you need when it comes to extended warranties, and we provide the customer service necessary to help your business thrive. 

If Inline CRM sounds like the right tool for you to boost your sales, schedule a test drive today!


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