Inline Data Systems Named a Top 10 Sales Technology Solution Provider

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Inline Data Systems Named a Top 10 Sales Technology Solution Provider Inline CRM

24 February 2020 Justin Wilkerson Comments Off on Inline Data Systems Named a Top 10 Sales Technology Solution Provider Announcement

Justin Wilkerson, founder and CIO, featured on the cover of CIO Application’s magazine

Inline Data Systems has been recognized as a “Top 10 Sales Technology Solution Provider – 2019” by CIO Applications. The “Top 10 Sales Technology Solution Provider – 2019” award acknowledges prominent solution providers in the respective spaces that are at the forefront of providing sales technology solutions and transforming businesses.

Our Founder and CIO, Justin Wilkerson, was also featured in December’s issue of the CIO Applications’ magazine discussing his inspiring journey from facing adversities at a young age to establishing Inline Data Systems and becoming a leader in the industry. The write-up was titled, Inline Data Systems: An Efficient CRM For Service Contracts Sales Fulfillment and Justin can be seen on the front cover of the magazine.

The write up goes in-depth on Justin’s childhood and how he overcame many hardships on his way to working in IT, to becoming a CIO, and eventually building Inline Data Systems. Beyond just that, deep data insight, key integrations, our CRM’s direct marketing-specific capabilities, and our mobile app are discussed with many direct quotes from Justin.

One of the more memorable quotes from our fearless leader is, “All of the hardships I have dealt with gave me incredible people who have made many sacrifices to improve the quality of my life. Perhaps, that’s what made me the man I am today, a resilient person who can take the challenges of the information technology industry and tackle them head-on.”

We are grateful for the recognition from CIO Applications and will continue to enhance our CRM so we can satisfy all of our customers’ needs.


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