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19 March 2018 Justin Wilkerson Comments Off on MARCH 2018 NEWSLETTER Newsletter



Recent improvements to our payroll calculator allows for more flexibility for your call center. You can now be more creative with your commission structure. Our automated payroll calculator gives you all the function below without the headache of downloading multiple reports, copying and pasting data, or having your sales team downloading sales reports throughout the month to figure out where they are in commissions. Automation allows you and your team to focus on the business of selling!

Payroll Calculator Features

  • Live Commission on each Quote
  • User Sales Pay Reports on Demand
  • Flexible Commission Schedules
  • Easy Commission Calculations and Reporting
  • Flexible Commission Disbursement Options
  • Integrated Timeclock

Email us at to get your commission payroll set up


Have you used our work management queues to get leads into the right user’s hands?  Our queues allow web leads to automatically be assigned to specific users that you designate or allows delinquent accounts to automatically show up and be assigned to users based on days delinquent or almost any other parameter you can imagine!  Your managers can see the history of how leads or accounts are being worked.  Individual users can color code their leads to organize and prioritize their work. Get your work queues set up today.


Inline has been in business since 2011 and our developers have over 15 years experience in call center system management.


We are working hard to improve Inline CRM for you and your business!  Keep your eyes out for the below improvements coming soon:


  • Build dynamic sales scripting into your Inline CRM soon
    • Automated sales scripting can improve your sales by 30% and decrease training time by 70%
  • Improved marketing campaign management and reporting to help you better understand the true value of your customers



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