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March 2019 Newsletter Inline CRM

4 March 2019 Justin Wilkerson Comments Off on March 2019 Newsletter Newsletter

Inline CRM Enhancements

Are your teams spending countless hours responding to chargebacks? It’s a time consuming part of our industry and we’ve made it easier for your teams to efficiently handle chargebacks.

Inline CRM now contains two letter templates and one email template that can be used to respond to chargebacks!

  • Send a letter to your customer letting them know their coverage is in jeopardy.
  • Send a quick detailed response to your credit card processing company to let them know the charge was valid and you stay on top of these disputes.

Email to get the new chargeback response letters released to your database.

Inline CRM Feature Highlight

Do you need to gather data daily and your still doing data dumps into Microsoft Excel? You should check out the Tab feature in your Inline CRM database!

We can query the data you need and present it in a tab that is easily accessible from your home page. Let us make your data review an efficient and simple process!

tab feature screenshot for Inline CRM

Email our support team to get your tabs set up today!


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