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September 2018 Newsletter Inline CRM

21 September 2018 Justin Wilkerson Comments Off on September 2018 Newsletter Newsletter

Inline Feature Highlight

Buy Now Button

Is your team sending quote emails to your customers? Make sure they are letting the customer know they can complete the sale online. Our quote emails have a “Buy Now” button that takes the customer to a purchase portal where they can view terms, agree to policy terms and down payment, enter their credit card and complete the sale. Your sales team can walk in the door in the AM with deals on the board!

buy now button in inline CRM

Inline CRM Enhancements

We’ve added a link to see notes in the report section. No more clicking into the record to view the notes. Just click the post-it icon and view the notes to decide if you want to open the record.

reporting section link to see notes

Our Inline CRM App has been updated to include performance reporting by manager. Get a quick look at how your call center teams are doing, even when you’re away from the office.

performance reporting dashboard

performance reporting total sales score













performance reporting capabilities












In the Works

We are working on making it easier to get the support you need from our team. Soon you will be able to email our support team directly from your Inline CRM!

email support from within the CRM


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