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Tips to Optimize Your Direct Marketing Campaigns

22 February 2022 Justin Wilkerson Comments Off on Tips to Optimize Your Direct Marketing Campaigns CRM, Reporting, Visual Reporting

You’d probably sell more policies if you had an infinite marketing budget.

But odds are you don’t have a money tree in your lobby.

In fact, the average business has a marketing budget of around 7% of their gross revenue, according to the Small Business Administration.

That’s why tracking your direct marketing campaigns is so important to your company’s finances: When you know who becomes a customer and how you hooked them, you’re positioning yourself for sustained revenue.

For example, it might be that people in Illinois respond well to direct mail for vehicle service contracts and websites make more sales in Colorado.

Report showing sales breakdown by year, state, mileage and media campaign

Inline CRM’s advanced reporting can help you pinpoint the campaigns that won, lost or have real profit potential with the right tweaks.

Let’s cover some of the proven ways to put those analytics to use, broken down by media type:

Personalize Direct Mail

 If you notice one of your direct mail campaigns didn’t generate the pull you expected, what should you do?

Well, nowadays we expect marketing to be personalized, especially when it comes to what arrives in our mailbox.

It probably makes sense to look for ways to speak (or write) as directly to your customer as you can. That could include:

  • Showing a picture of their car, down to the exact model and color
  • Showing a picture of the outside of their house (yes, it’s possible!)
  • Listing the common types of problems that vehicle or home might have given its mileage or age
  • How much those repairs might cost—and how much they could save by buying one of your warranties

And since personalizing your marketing can increase ROI by 70%, it seems like it’s worth the little extra cost and effort.

E-Mail’s Secret Weapons

 Here’s a pretty amazing stat: You can expect $42 in return for every $1 you spend on email marketing!

But even with a 4,200% ROI, you can still improve your performance.

One way is to include some relevant preview text.

Email preview text example

Believe it or not, including effective preview text can increase your open rate by 45%!

How do we know that? A/B testing, which is picking one variable to change while keeping everything else the same.

There are other A/B tests you could do, like the length or your subject line or the color of your CTA button.

And since Inline has “Buy Now” emails, you could play with which color pulls the most. That one tweak alone can increase responses by 21%!


Affiliate Marketing

The only thing better than making a sale is having someone else do the selling for you.

Affiliate marketing report summary

Inline makes it easy for you to set your affiliates up in our system! This is a major competitive advantage other CRMs don’t offer.

With our reporting, you’ll be able to analyze your affiliate’s performance just like you would your own call center.

And what if some affiliates aren’t selling like they should? A couple of things you can do:

  • Follow up with them; they may have questions or roadblocks you can answer
  • Offer a bonus or incentive on top of what they would normally receive

But be careful: You’ll only want to offer a bigger bonus if you have a firm grip on your profit margins… which you’ll know by glancing in our CMS.


Socialize Smarter

It’s not always what you say, but how you say it.

And sometimes, an emoji can be worth a thousand shares.


Including something as simple as a 😊, ❤️, 🏠 or 🚗  can increase comments and shares by 33%!

Admit it: Your eyes probably widened a little seeing what’s in the line above.

So, if you’re not using emojis, give it a try.

And if you are, but the performance is lackluster, try scheduling your posts a little differently.

It could be your audience isn’t online when you post. Fortunately, there’s a study that shows the best days and times to get social.


Export Everything

 Now, you might be thinking “This all sounds good, but I don’t feel like exporting all that information from all my applications.”

Don’t worry. You can export everything from Inline! All the data you want, all the reporting you need, is right in our system.

Just schedule a test drive of our CRM’s capabilities to see how easy it is.

You might get an incredible ROI on your time.

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Reporting capabilities of Inline CRM

How to Make Money From Your CRM Reports

23 November 2021 Melissa Chambers Comments Off on How to Make Money From Your CRM Reports Payroll, Reporting, Visual Reporting

Running the right report can mean more money for your business—lots of it.

But making that report (and interpreting it) can also take time away from your business—though it doesn’t have to.

Which reports can help you sell more extended warranties? How can you save hours creating them?

Read on and find out!


The “Whatever You Can Think Of” Report

CRM usually stands for Customer Relationship Management.

At Inline, our CRM stands for Custom Report Magic. That’s because you can create just about any report you want:

  • Policies expiring in the next 90 days
  • Cancellations that happened on a Tuesday
  • Warranties sold for Toyotas with exactly 145,926 miles
  • Prospects with the first name Tina

We’re not sure why you’d want the last kind of report. But we do know that even though our software comes with 143 standard reports, you know best what information will help you make more sales.

And our tools make it possible to learn pretty much anything you’ll want to know.


The “Performance by Campaign” Report

You spend money to make money, right? And your money might be spread across multiple marketing campaigns and channels: Direct mail, emails, web leads and more.

Now, some of those dollars will do a better job than others. And our CRM will help you decide how to direct your budget to more effective tactics—without pivot tables, filtering or formulas!

At a glance, you can get sales reports by:

  • State
  • Affiliate
  • Lead source
  • And more

Here’s a more specific example: Let’s say you notice a dip in response rate in a certain time frame that just happens to coincide with data you used from a new vendor.

Given that bad data can cost reps $32,000 in sales, you might want to have a discussion with the provider to see what can be done to improve their performance (or not use them again in the future).


The “Let’s Keep Cancellations From Happening” Report

Cancellations are going to happen. There’s no getting around it. In fact, 40% of customers will end up cancelling a service at some point, regardless of the industry or product.

Okay, you knew that already—but what can you do about it?

Run a report, of course!

Inline CRM report showing cancellation trends in a line graph.

You’ll be able to see cancel rate trends in addition to other important data.

Let’s say you notice one particular rep has a higher cancel rate than others. You could offer to coach or shadow them to see if they’re over-promising certain aspects of the warranty being sold.


The “Hey, This Is Really Selling” Report

You probably have a decent idea which policies sell the best. But to be as profitable as possible, you need to know without a doubt.

It just so happens there’s a report for that.

Inline CRM report showing which extended warranty products are selling the most

A couple clicks is all it takes to see a lot of useful information, including:

  • Most profitable term lengths
  • Most popular warranties
  • Profit ranges

If your money-makers aren’t selling, consider promoting different features or benefits. If certain term lengths aren’t being bought, consider dropping the price.

What you do with the information is up to you—and you won’t have to work hard to get it.


The “Have You Followed Up?” Report

Selling isn’t normally a one and done process. But for whatever reason, 44% of sales reps give up after the first follow-up, even though 60% of customers say “No” four times before saying “Yes.”

The main takeaway here is to keep taking the time to follow up with prospects—and emails are a smart choice for how.

Email follow-up report from Inline CRM

Inline can set up automated follow-up emails to customers who have received a quote and help you avoid relying on the sales person to do the follow-up.

After a while, you’ll see how successful your efforts are (or have ideas on how you can improve the response).


The “Pretty Much Automatic Accounting” Report

Excel is like oxygen to accountants.

After all, 90% of companies use it for budgeting and 63% consider it a vital accounting tool.

But tabs and tabs of formulas and through-the-roof stress levels at the end of financial quarters say there has to be a simpler way to do things.

There is!

Accounting reporting capabilities from Inline CRM

All it takes is a few inputs to know your:

  • Gross Profit
  • Collected Profit
  • Disbursements
  • Expected Funding
  • Premium Rate
  • Expiring Credit Cards

That’s just a fraction of what’s at your fingertips, all without manually compiling or computing anything!

That will give your accounting team more time to focus on bigger-picture financial matters that can make your company even more money.

The “Painless Payroll Calculation” Report

Your sales reps deserve every last cent of commission they earned. But figuring out exactly how much commission they’ve earned can eat up a lot of time—literally days— if you’re not using the right software.

Did that client make their first monthly payment? Is the sales rep getting tiered or residual commissions? Did they hit a multiplier bonus?

Cutting a commission check shouldn’t be so confusing!

With Inline, it isn’t.

Coding customization for extended warranty commissions

We can code every commission condition exactly the way you want for fast and accurate paydays. And happy sales reps are productive sales reps.

We can even code commission for your fronter, takeover, collection, and retention teams.


What Report Do You Want?

Schedule a free test drive today and see what reports you can run to make your business more profitable.


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