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Call Center Lead Management Solution

Manage your leads efficiently and effectively with Inline Follow-Up Management (FUM).



Inline Follow-Up Management (FUM), allows you to take your call center to the next level with call center lead management tools that keep you in control of your business.

Increase your sales team’s productivity, reach more prospects, and raise your return-on-investment (ROI) with these capabilities:

Lead Prioritization

Prioritize your leads to ensure the hottest leads are showing up in your teams WIP (work in progress) window. You can feel confident that your high priority leads are front and center to the user. Your team will be able to click on their leads and work the leads without ever logging out of Inline CRM. Managing your leads, selling policies and fulfilling policies has never been easier.

Set & Schedule Distribution Programs

You can set it and forget it, or easily manipulate distribution programs as you determine which leads need more attention. Our call center lead management tool gives you all the flexibility you need to ensure your leads get the attention they deserve. We understand that you dedicate a lot of resources when it comes to acquiring the best leads, so we have built a tool to make sure you get your money’s worth from your leads.

Create User Groups

Gives each team the leads they need when they need them and limits lead amounts if necessary. Allows you to meet the needs of your sales teams in real time.

Custom Action & Status Setting

Automate your team’s call center lead management with custom actions and statuses that allows them to take an action and change status all in one or two clicks.

WIP (Work in Progress)

Custom tool that allows your users to open leads and keep their eyes on the leads to be worked. Leads move up or down in their WIP based on priorities you create.

Custom Reports

Real-time dashboard reports allow you to monitor how leads are performing throughout the workday and make necessary adjustments to maximize your lead performance.

*Inline Follow-Up Management is an add on product to Inline CRM. There is a fee associated with adding on this product. This product cannot be launched as a stand-alone CRM.