Customer Testimonials

Great insight from everyday users.

"We've recently had the pleasure of working with Justin, Kerry and the rest of the Inline team to get a mutual client of ours setup. Inline's team worked fast, answered questions, and communicated with us along the way until we the integration was completed. Highly recommended!"

-Diamond Warranty

"Inline has been amazing for our company in so many ways. Their CRM is incredible! By the far the best I have used in 20 years. The ownership, staff and all employees are very knowledgeable and helpful. Any time there is a question, the phone rings once and someone is there to help. They really are the epitome of what customer support should be. Thanks for everything guys. Looking forward to a long prosperous relationship!"


"Our company has been partners with Inline Data Systems for many years now. We have always maintained a strong business relationship as well as a strong personal relationship. The employees at Inline are extremely helpful and I absolutely love their CEO. They are so knowledgeable when it comes to data insight. Any small issues we have experienced were on our end and Inline's support team quickly helped us resolve them. Their software is user friendly and robust that is customized to our specifications. We love the multiple reporting options, payroll features and integration options. We would recommend Inline for any of your business' CRM needs. Misty Moseley True Auto LLC."


"Hands down the best CRM period! Best customer service as well. I've tried em all and literally nothing compares to the quality and fully customizable experience you will have by switching to Inline Data Systems. It will save you money and improve in areas you didn't even know existed or needed attention. I highly recommend Inline!"


"The layout is something that you have to experience to truly appreciate. I've been in the Auto Warranty industry for over 15 years and I've used every CRM out there. I started using Inline CRM more than 3 years ago and I can tell you it is head and shoulders above all the others in ease of use and functionality, not to mention the above and beyond in-depth reporting features."


"This software allows us to have everything in one location. Prior to Inline we used a two separate CRMs, one for lead management, and the other for rating and payment processing. Having everything in one program makes things easier for the users and allows us to access reporting that was not available before. My overall experience with Inline has been great! If you are considering a switch, I highly recommend them."

-Inline Customer

"Prior to using Inline we had to use 2 CRMs to accomplish our daily tasks. Inline was able to streamline several of our processes and not only simplify everything but also save us money. We have not ran into any "Inline" cons; just the struggle of learning a new program. Inline's support team has been great through that process though."


"The team is amazing and so is the product. The ease of use and strength of the support team is invaluable."


"We are very happy we made the transition. Its ease of use, loaded with information and the ability to navigate to customize reporting is what we love most."


"This software is extremely user friendly and provides all the necessary tools to run a successful business. Time clock features, in depth reports, payroll calculations, as well as marketing reports are all easily accessible and very detailed. Claim information added to customer file is very helpful for all representatives. We love everything about the software. Any issues we have the support team handled in minutes! Inline is always so quick to solve any problems our company may experience. They are patient and extremely knowledgable about our industry. The support team makes you feel like you are their most important client, even if your issue may be minor."