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Direct VSC Marketing

With Inline CRM for Service Contract Sales, you will have the tools necessary to take total control of your customers, your data, and your VSC marketing activities.


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Traditional service contract sales CRMs tend to nickel and dime you for greater control and flexibility, but with Inline Data Systems, those items come standard. Scroll down to learn more about our direct marketing-specific products or schedule a test drive of our system today.

Call Center CRM

Call Center CRM

With Inline CRM for service contract sales, you can turn your call center into an extended warranty sales fulfillment powerhouse. With features such as automatic follow up, easy payroll reports, and real time calculation of commission, you will be armed with the knowledge to take total control of your data and your customers.

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Software Integrations

Software Integrations

Locate repair shops that are close to your customer, validate mailing addresses, sync your database with email marketing platforms, and more. Empower your service contract sales fulfillment team with our ever growing list of software integrations.

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Campaign Tracking Solutions

Campaign Tracking Solutions

Other service contract CRMs dynamically generate tracking codes that turn your tracking into an unmanageable mess. Take control of your warranty sales fulfillment data through creating your own list codes. Allowing you to create reports in seconds.

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Automatic Mail Merge

Automatic Mail Merge

With the mail merge functionality, you and your business can incorporate your call center leads and contacts into Inline Data System’s CRM for service contract sales. You will be able to work with greater accuracy and greater control over your customers and your data.

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Automatic Refund Calculator

Automatic Refund Calculator

Spend less time worrying about looking up regulations and more time focusing on your business. The refund calculator from Inline Data Systems incorporates all important regulations necessary to your service contract sales fulfillment business.

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Scripting Feature

Scripting Feature

Inline CRM’s script feature is built directly into your CRM so agents can see and use the tool as they are quoting products to customers or completing sale verifications. Our easy script-builder allows anyone in your organization to build and release scripts.

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Inline CRM for Service Contract Sales offers a number of solutions that help you and your business gain total control over your direct marketing activities. With components that include solutions for call centers, software integration, and campaign tracking, you will begin to take control of your data, and therefore, impact your customer base in a meaningful way. Coupled with mail merging capabilities and an automatic refund calculator,  you will be armed with the tools to take your business to the next level.

Mobile App

Access For You & Your Customers

You and your customers will have the opportunity to access all reports supported by the Inline CRM platform.

Tailor Your Profile

When signing into the app, you have the choice between entering as a marketer, administrator, or finance company. From there, you are able to customize the app to cater to your needs and your clients' needs.

Easy Access to Sales Figures

Every type of profile has the ability to see different metrics like sales goals per day, further expanding your knowledge and control over your service contract sales fulfillment activities.

Performance Reporting By Manager

Not only can you track performance by user and campaign, but understand quickly how your call centers are performing by tracking performance by manager.

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