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Turn your call center into a sales powerhouse with Inline CRM for VSC Sales. Take control of your customers and your data.


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Why wait to change how your call center does business? With Inline CRM for VSC Sales, you can turn your call center into a sales powerhouse. With features such as automatic follow up, easy payroll reports, and real time calculation of commission, you will be armed with the knowledge to take total control of your data and your customers.

Dynamic Scripting

Increase Sales and Communication

Be more efficient in sales time. Data shows that dynamic scripts increase sales by at least 30% and provides clearer communication.

Reduce Training Time

Enjoy a straightforward, user-friendly approach for new sales employees and reduce training time by 70%.

Flexible Script Options

With an unlimited number of scripts per team, the easy script builder allows you to assign scripts by role and how they fit your work queues.

Inline CRM

Automatic Followup Queue

Increase Efficiency And Customer Retention

Automation will allow you to re-engage your customer base in an efficient and cost-effective way for you and your business.

Quickly Follow Up With Customers

You can easily send out follow up notifications to your customers within Inline Data's CRM based on the conditions you set.

Create Custom Queue Specifications

Seamlessly set up custom tracking variables based on the specifications that will best serve you and your business.

Inline CRM

Seamless Payroll Reporting

Reduce Unnecessary Steps To Payroll

There is no need to wait for an answer to your payroll questions. Determine, in real time, all the answers to questions about sales numbers and commissions.

Greater Individual Freedom

Access payroll reports at anytime to determine which sales were rendered, which sales fell through, and which sales are still being determined, helping you control your business.

Customize How You Do Payroll

There are a number of variables that you can change to determine how payroll is calculated. For example, you can change items such as cost of the product, interest rates tied to the loans for the product, and selling costs.

Inline CRM

Real Time Pay Day Calculator

Get The Most Up-To-Date Information

The commission calculator continuously updates to provide the most current figures for sales team individuals.

Increase Accountability For All

Employees will be able to determine exactly how a price change can impact the total commission of their paycheck. Likewise, you will be able to determine which sales people are making more money for the business.

Greater Business Knowledge

You and your employees will be armed with the data necessary to make important, well-thought out sales decisions.

Inline CRM

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