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Campaign Tracking

Measure every aspect of your VSC sales fulfillment campaigns and call center activities with our campaign tracking.


A Better Way To Track Your VSC Sales Fulfillment

Most VSC CRMs use flat cryptic list codes to keep track of your campaigns. First two characters are mailing month, second two characters are lead source, last six characters are a sequence number. We broke that apart into three distinct layers that you can easily control.

Assign Variables To Create Your List Code

Name your campaign, assign an affiliate, designate channel type (direct mail, email, etc.), and set up your profit goals.

Analyze Campaign Results

Pinpoint profitable campaigns, view campaign related dispositions, and even analyze campaign response times.

Save Hours Of Reporting Time

Skip exporting records, learning list codes, assigning variables, then building your own charts. Focus on the most important part of the process, analysis.

Inline CRM

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