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Mail Merge

With the mail merge functionality, your business can automatically incorporate leads and contacts into Inline CRM.


Take Your Mail Management To The Next Level

With Inline CRM, there is more than one way to import leads. With most CRMs, the only way to import leads is through importing a spreadsheet from an old system. Even though this is still an option with Inline CRM for VSC Sales, this is not the only way. Rather, if you and your business already have mail software setup, you can merge both the mail software and our CRM functionality.

Automatically Merge And Followup With Contacts

With the mail merge functionality, you and your business can incorporate your leads and contacts into Inline Data System’s CRM. Within the platform, there is a queue for new leads. Leads can come in through a web service and get added to a lead queue. From there, leads are distributed to different categories based on the queue with which they are associated. Because of this queue distribution aspect, the mail merge functionality allows you to spend less time focusing on importing leads and more time on what matters: your business.

Merge Mail From Any Source

Whether your business focuses on direct mail marketing or web marketing, the mail merge function can be applied throughout all areas of direct marketing. In the end, these features allow you to look at the bigger picture of everything, which is to focus on your customers and your data, which enables you to retain total control to move the business forward.

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