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Extended Warranty Refund Calculator

Spend less time worrying about looking up regulations and more time focusing on your business.


Seamless Refund Calculating

Inline CRM's refund calculator offers a quick and efficient way to calculate refunds. There are many state regulations for extended warranties that are often overlooked by other VSC sales fulfillment CRMs on the market. In fact, 40 out of 50 states have some regulation that does not come on a standard federal refund form.

Keep Ever Changing Refund Regulations In Check

With Inline Data System’s CRM for VSC sales, you do not have to worry about looking up separate state regulations to calculate refunds for your customers. With simple knowledge of items such as state of sale, amounts paid on contract, time elapsed on contract, and any additional fees, Inline Data System’s CRM will automatically calculate the refund required to your extended warranty customers.

Spend More Time On Extended Warranty Sales Fulfillment

In the end, you and your business will be able to grow through having a CRM that can comply with all state, local, and federal regulations. Why cause yourself extra stress by looking up items that are automatically calculated? Choose Inline CRM for VSC Sales if you want to spend less time looking up regulations and more time focusing on the growth of your business.

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