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Turn your call center into a sales machine with our easy-to-use script builder.

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Create Easy to Build Scripts Today

Keep your sales team on track with Inline CRM’s sales script builder. Scripting can help you build your brand across all communication channels, complete cost-effective new agent training, and follow legal compliance. Inline CRM’s script feature is built directly into your CRM so agents can see and use the tool as they are quoting products to customers or completing sale verifications. Our easy script-builder allows anyone in your organization to build and release scripts.

User-Friendly Scripting

Branding & Consistency

Using a script ensures that your brand is constantly being communicated to the customer from the beginning of your marketing campaign to the end sales call. Your brand is valuable and Inline CRM’s scripting feature allows you to have your sales team primed and ready to represent your brand.

New Agent Training

Keep your training costs down with Inline CRM’s script feature. Get new agents on the phone quicker and have confidence they have a tool at their fingertips to keep them on track with the road to the sale. Script session reporting allows you to track whether agents are using and following the script.

New Product Introductions

Introducing a new product to your sales agents is much easier with Inline CRM’s script feature. Reduce hours of time spent in meeting rooms discussing new products or reams of paper printing physical copies of new product specifics. Agents will feel more comfortable with new product information and specifics if they have a script built into the CRM and easily accessible to them.

Legal Compliance

Sale verification is a hot topic for regulators. Inline CRM’s script feature will allow you to build a script for your verification team and ensure every customer goes through the exact same verification process prior to the closing of the sale. Every script session is recorded and stored on the customer record forever so you can see how long an agent stayed on a certain question and what answers were chosen.

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