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Query Building Support

Inline Data Systems delivers a flexible system that uses ad hoc query building to build data sets from scratch.


Ad Hoc Query Building

Inline Data Systems offers a flexible VSC CRM with easy setup and data execution. With the ad hoc query builder, you can build lists and data sets entirely from scratch, which gives you and your call center flexibility that helps drive quality, data-driven solutions. Within the CRM, you can set custom parameters on pretty much any data point, including first and last name, state and municipal regulations, and any conditions that you would like to see occur before delivering data to your sales fulfillment teams.

Followup Queue Management

Data can be built and segmented through different queues that you set up. For example, you can put users into a queue based on whether or not they have missed a payment. Within the CRM for VSC sales, you can add a set of conditions for the user that if they match them, they will receive a call telling them to make a payment or get charged a late fee. This helps generate greater insights for your sales fulfillment activities more efficiently, which gives you spare time to focus on the more higher-level thinking that will require your business to move forward.

Fully Customized Reports

Once your data is prepared, you can set up reporting functions based on features that are most important to you and your business. Within the query building software, you can create reports that include custom metrics and widgets. Ultimately, you are in control of the features that matter the most to your call center. You can set up functionality based on which metrics and variables will help drive your sales fulfillment.

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