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Web Based Reporting

Improve Your Sales Fulfillment And Call Center Performance With Our Real Time Web-Based Reporting


A Report For Every Process

Save hours of time by analyzing your data directly inside Inline CRM. Forget downloading basic CRM data, importing to excel, then building charts and graphs every reporting period.  Take advantage of  industry leading reporting modules and quickly visualize every aspect of your call center's performance.

Sales Reporting

Sales Reporting

Over 20 standard sales reports are available. Visualize overall extended warranty sales fulfillment, close percentages per employee, contact administrator success, and more. High level, actionable sales data with the click of a button!

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Payroll Reporting

Payroll Reporting

10 different options to instantly visualize your payroll information. Quickly pull pay out, commission, individual pay check information and much more. Save days worth of work with our setup!

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Cancellation Reporting

Cancellation Reporting

Use 11 different drill down reports to easily analyze every aspect of cancellation requests. Generate visual cancel rate trend, refund status, and cancel rate by employee reports in seconds!

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Accounting Reporting

Accounting Reporting

Evaluate the health of your call center with 20 instant visual reports. Get top level data with our business snapshot report, assess finance company relationships with our comparison report, dynamically pull sales tax information, and more!

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Custom Reporting Experience

Want to analyze customers with multiple service contracts? How about average cancel rate versus car mileage? We can build most any kind of report for you with our custom query builder!

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