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Payroll Reporting

Run days worth of payroll calculations in minutes with Inline CRM for VSC Sales.


Take Control Of Your Payroll

With Inline Data Systems’ CRM for VSC Sales, you and your business will be able to strengthen internal processes and operations through payroll reporting. With other competitors, if you have the option to get payroll readouts, you might get just a list of sales and cancellations. However, with Inline CRM, you can keep track of all different data points that are relevant to your customers. This will help you and your business take control of your data to improve the quality of life for your employees, which will create positive impacts for your business.

Commission Calculation & Forecasts

Complete Commission Data

Inside the custom CRM dashboard, you and your call center will be able to get an overview of the different contacts for vehicle service contract sales, the quote of their sale, the date that the sale was effective, and the amount of the sale. From there, you can look at total commission payouts that you owe your sales representatives, as well as any chargebacks that might have occurred. The easy commission structure does the report for you, allowing your team to focus on sales.

Inline CRM

Employee Payroll Summary

Inline CRM

Pay Period Reporting & Integrated Time Clock

Clocking in time is just a click away for you and your sales team. In addition, you can closely examine the paychecks of your different employees. You can look at start date, end date, and the structure of their pay. For example, some employees might be salaried or hourly customer support representatives, while others have a pay structure that is based on a combination base pay rate and commission for sales.

Real Time Pay Day Calculator

Individual Pay Day Calculation

Employees and managers will be able to go into greater detail of pay history. You can look at total commission payouts earned, live commissions, different sales that he or she has made, and any other records related to payout. Ultimately, you are in the driver's seat of your call center's sales fulfillment, so why not take control of your business and your customers?

Inline CRM

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