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Sales Reporting

With Inline CRM for VSC sales fulfillment, you and your call center will be able to create comprehensive, customized sales reports.


Make Your Sales Reporting Better

Ever want to see more than just a sales and a cancel log? With the competition’s reporting software, that is all you will see. With Inline CRM for VSC Sales, however, you get more than that. You will be able to get a whole host of reporting capabilities that go beyond just a readout of sales and cancellations. With our ability to segment data based on custom variables that you set, you will be able to ensure that you have total control over your customers and data.

Dashboard Widgets

Immediate Team Overview

Dashboard widgets allow you and your team to view your sales, goals, and recent records at your fingertips. Keeping everyone in the loop makes for a better and more efficient team.

Company Social Feed

Keep your team connected and motivated in one place where you can make event announcements and stay in constant communication.

Widget Selection

Enjoy the ability to control your team's access to certain widgets.

Inline CRM

Sales By Vehicle

Segment By Manufacturer

See the performance of your sales based on what manufacturer the vehicle is from. For example, you can determine that your inventory of Chevrolet contracts is more profitable than Ford.

Determine Readouts By Geolocation

Find out how your manufacturers are performing based on their location. For example, you can see whether or not a vehicle manufacturer from Asia performs better than a vehicle manufacturer in Europe.

View Your Data In Multiple Formats

With custom reporting, you can see your data organized in a variety of different charts. There is an option to visualize all your data in a number of ways that work best for you and your business.

Inline CRM

Sales By Administrator

Inline CRM

Track Your Affiliates

Using the affiliate model, you can partner with different businesses and track sales that are attributed to using them as a partner vendor. You and your business will be better equipped to maximize profit on a per affiliate basis.

Organize Your Sales Funnel

You will be able to track leads from the point of contact to once the actual sales process is complete. This will help identify areas for improvement within the sales process and allow you and your business to take control of your success.

Customize Your Reporting Metrics

Look at data in a way that makes sense for you and your business. Every single system from Inline Data Systems uses customized metrics that are tailored to you and your business’ needs.

User Close And Quote Rate

See Individual User Stats

See which individuals are turning from prospects into sales. You and your business will be able to hone in on these insights and see how to help each customer.

Analyze Quote Status Per User

View user data based on whether a call has been closed, a quote has been closed, or a quote is a response quote. This will help you determine which sales are at different points in the sale process.

Break Down Campaigns

You will be able to track each direct marketing campaign by dimensions such as the state a campaign was sent to and the actual mail date. This will help you determine when the best time is to mail out a campaign, as well as which locations are best to send them to.

Inline CRM

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